302 redirects on post images

we are facing a redirect issue on images inside each post, when we inspected the tag we found the sourceset width is generating automatically and the numbers are weird, below is the screenshot of inspected tag

as you can see there https://zepel.io/agile/content/images/size/w704/2020/06/burndown-chart.png 704w is causing this issue, and we somehow tried to fix this by adding the width to package.json of the theme

   "image_sizes": {
        "xxs": {
            "width": 30
        "xs": {
            "width": 100
        "s": {
            "width": 300
        "m": {
            "width": 600
        "ml": {
            "width": 704
        "l": {
            "width": 1000
        "xl": {
            "width": 2000

the same is happening in other post pages with different numbers causing the 302 redirect.
can us help us figure out what exactly is the issue might me

I am attaching the actual page https://zepel.io/agile/kanban/charts-and-metrics/
here the number is 1102w. and we analyzed through gtmetrix

we are using casper version (3.22.2) and hosted in digital ocean.

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Can you start by updating Ghost to the latest version - 3.23.1 - and see if you still have the same problem?

updated Ghost version to 3.23.1 and still the issue persists. Do you need any other additional information that can help us with a solution.