404 on members/signin


I’m trying to configure custom members pages, like signin and signup pages.

I have created 2 pages as follows in theme folder:

Then in routes.yaml i have configured:
/signup/: members/signup
/signin/: members/signin

When I try to access mydomain.com/signin page, I get 404 error.

Does someone have an idea where the mistake can be?

I tried also to configure routes.yaml like below:
/signup/: members\signup
/signin/: members\signin

but I still receive 404 error when trying to access one of that page?

Shouldn’t the pages be created under folder members?

Thank you!

Your routes.yaml should have this format.

    template: members/signup

I have updated routes.yaml as follows, but it still doesn’t work.
template: members/signin

This is how my members/signin.hbs looks like.

{{!< ../default}}

<h2>Bine ai venit din nou!</h2>
<p>Conectează-te din nou la contul tău</p>
{{#if @member}}

  {{!-- Logged in: Redirect home --}}
  <script>window.location = '{{@site.url}}';</script>


<form data-members-form="signin">
  <input data-members-email type="email" required="true" placeholder="E-mailul tău"/>
  <button type="submit"><span class="button-text">Continuă</span></button>

<small class="message-success">
  Un link de autentificare a fost trimis în inbox-ul tău. Dacă nu ajunge în 3 minute, asigură-te că verifici folderul de spam.

<small class="message-error">
  Introdu o adresă de email validă!

<small data-members-error></small>

<p><small>Nu ai cont? <a href="/hai-in-echipa-noastra/">Alătură-te proiectului</a></small></p>


I’m using cloud service from ghost.io for hosting my website.(Ghost(Pro) - Official managed hosting for Ghost) I’m uploading the changes via Design&Branding → Customize.

Can it be because that Ghost hosting is not uploading all the files properly? Hmmm…

My mistake. Routes.yaml file has to be uploaded separetely to cloud service via Labs.

It works also with/without @mjw format.

Thank you, anyhow, for assistance!

it works also like:
/signup/: members/signup
/signin/: members/signin

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The format you used is identical to what I provided; the line breaks aren’t necessary, but make for easier reading.

Incidently, if you’re a Ghost(Pro) customer, you may contact support directly using the email found in the footer of this webpage.

Thanks for whole assistance!

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