Custom route leads to 404 since upgrade v5

Hi all,

Nice work for the v5, just wondering if the routes.yml could be affected in some ways ?

the subscribe bouton doen’t work anymore →

I’m using penang theme @ahmadajmi, any ideas ?

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Hey @jeremielondon, I just released a new update for Penang, which handles this issue.


Hi @ahmadajmi when you say : “Penang is now using the Ghost Portal and the new Tiers for membership. Clicking the header Login and Subscribe links will show up the Portal instead of going to the Login or Subscribe pages.”

Does it mean that we cannot use the custom way anymore ? it means that we do have to use the portal ?

I deprecated all the theme built-in membership pages, and now the Portal is the default. This ensures you get the full membership experience that the Portal offers and keeps you up to date with new Ghost updates.

ok this is a bit the pity, but fair enough, i understand.

@ahmadajmi, But , in the header.hbs the /subscribe shouldn’t be ‘{{ @site.url }}/#/portal/’ instead ?

I think both give the same result.

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