A theme with optimised profile pages?

Hello everyone,
My request is a bit unusual and I can’t find an answer despite hours of research for two blogs I manage, one about sport and another about content creators…
I would like to find a ghost theme with quality profile pages. The idea is to have a www.website.com/profile/name page and get this kind of result: Kylian Mbappé : Palmarès, Age et Club PSG
For each profile, I would have different articles created for the salary, bio and other elements. I’d like to have static elements on each profile but also dynamic elements (linked articles).

Thank you for your help

PS: english is not my first language ;)

I think you’re probably looking at a custom build. You might post over in the Marketplace, or check the Experts directory for someone to do this work.

(I’d be interested, but I’m booking work for mid-May!)

Not really looking for a custom build, because I have no money for it haha. I know how to do it in webflow but I wanted to know if there was a theme that had this type of profile page with a main page (bio & articles) and easily accessible sub-pages (salary, record, others informations).