Looking for a theme for a personal blog/portfolio

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Ghost, just playing around with it, trying to learn and then migrate from Wordpress.
For one of my blogs I need a personal site/portfolio/CV styled theme. I’ll be using this site to build a personal brand and add the link to it to my CV.

I found a couple of themes that could work for me, but they all either lack some tiny details (like links to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc in the hero section) or have some design solutions that I would like to delete (like a animated frame around a photo in the hero section).

Is there a way to fix such minor details if I’ll be using Ghost Pro?
What’s your favourite theme for a personal site?

Would really appreciate your ideas!

Adding a few extra buttons or removing an element is easy to do. I’d pick the theme that’s closest to what you’re looking for, then customize from there!

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Thanks! I thought you could only customize if you’re self-hosting.

You can only edit the Ghost core if you’re self hosting. But you can absolutely 100% edit the theme or load a custom theme on Ghost Pro (creator plan or higher). If you’re on the starter plan on Ghost Pro, then you’d be limited to code injection, but the changes you’re describing are likely doable with just code injection. (It’s super easy to hide something you don’t like, especially.) And the LinkedIn and Twitter links would be easier to do by editing the theme, but you could use javascript to add them instead. :)

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