Paid content visibility in newsletter

Hi Ghost friends :wave: Hope you’re all super!

Apologies if this is a super rookie question — I’m still learning the ropes here.

I’m publishing a post next week that features a free preview before paid member-only content (and this is the first time I’ll have done this). I’ve set post access to “Paid-members only”, and I understand that once live on the site, the free/paid division will activate.

My question is, can I also email the post to our entire audience (i.e. both free and paid) and have that content division apply? Or will free members be able to see/access the full post if it’s emailed to them?

I hope that makes sense, but let me know if I need to provide any further information. Again, apologies for the super rookie question, but thank you in advance for your wisdom and insights!

I was wondering myself if it was necessary to add in a custom CTA with an “Email call to action” card for free members, but was told by Ghost(Pro) support that it wouldn’t be necessary as this is what free members will see in their emails:

Been meaning to email back about that though, as it seems kinda redundant to me to ask free members to subscribe (rather than upgrade) seeing how they’re already free subscribed members.

Hmm… Interesting… Thanks for sharing @Stromfeldt!

Perhaps I’ll shoot them an email too!