Ability to hide Stripe portions of the portal (retaining paid features)

It would be nice to be able to hide or disable the “change” option in the user account menu for membership tiers for use cases where Stripe is not directly being used for payments. Generally having control over more of the Portal UI in the admin panel would be hugely useful given its i-frame nature.

For example, if like myself you are making membership access work via Patreon + Zapier to determine if someone will be able to comment or see certain content, the way to make this work (even if doing this manually without zapier) is by comping the premium subscription. Comping, especially via Zapier, is currently only possible if you have Stripe activated on your Ghost admin panel, and have the first paid tier labeled Default.

When you do so, this of course accurately gets shown in the user account page of the portal, however, the user can still click to change the membership which goes through Stripe and leaves a backdoor to accidentally paying via Stripe instead of Patreon - in this case a completely unintended and unsupported behaviour.

This is a problem for a couple of reasons. Chiefly, of course, it introduces unnecessary confusion for the user. Secondary to that, it creates possible logistical headaches for the site owner as they may find themselves dealing with Stripe refunds for accidental payments. The latter is compounded by the fact that, even if you were using Stripe as Ghost intends, it seems you can’t enable the StripeTax flag to work within the Ghost portal integration - leaving the Stripe integration sort of useless for lack tax compliance support, anyway (something that’s been mentioned numerous times on these forums but I don’t think I’ve seen a relevant response from any staff over the few years worth of posts I’ve seen regarding this).

Not having any control over much of the portal UI is generally a headache, though I understand some portions of it are manageable both within the admin panel and via theme editing. However, it appears some functionality like what I’m mentioning may not be doable without directly editing fundamental Ghost code (correct me if I’m wrong, of course).

I think lots of Ghost users (Pro users especially) would HUGELY benefit from this kind of change. It still leaves the Ghost user having to do some weird workarounds to get around Stripe integration without a fundamental rebuild of the entire membership code for their site, but I’m sure many (my self included) would be ok with that level of change given the lack of options available today.