Admin Toggle For StripeTax Integration

It came to my attention after setting up everything on Stripe and implementing it on my Ghost(Pro) site that the required code snippet Stripe provides to enable StripeTax isn’t easily supported.

It appears that, at least from what I could find in other posts here on the forum over the few years it’s been mentioned in various ways, that modifying the payment portal in such a way is beyond that of theme editing. As such, I would suggest it become a toggle or admin-panel level input to implement.

Without this function, maintaining proper tax records and compliance via Stripe is close to impossible or at the very least significantly more time consuming than with it - to the point that unless someone is willing to forgo proper tax compliance in many regions, Ghost’s intrinsic membership payment integration - especially for Ghost(Pro) users, is all but useless.

Tax compliance is a nightmare for membership sites to begin with given the nature of subscribers being able to be from anywhere globally, and so while it’s great Stripe bought up a company to integrate their (still imperfect but better than nothing) solution to create StripeTax, not having that easily incorporated on the Ghost side is a misstep for certain. This would be a welcome change.