About the Marketing & promotion category

This category is all about getting more signups & subscribers. Share your goals, experiments, achievements and questions about how to grow your audience.

Using this category

This is a space to talk about growing an independent publishing business using Ghost. This category exists to allow the community to share insights, ask questions and support each other.

This is a great place to talk about:

  • Strategies for growing email subscribers
  • Results from your own marketing campaigns and experiments
  • Topics like pricing, offers and referral programs


Before you ask a question in this category, you can also browse our resources — there are plenty of articles here about building and growing a subscription business that you might find useful.

Don’t forget to search the forum before you post, and read the code of conduct.

Creating engaging posts

:one: Be transparent — If you’re sharing your own experiences, it helps to share as much detail as possible to make it relatable. Success stories are great, but so is sharing something that didn’t work for you

:two: Make questions clear and concise — Make sure your post is clear, with a concise title, and include a summary of what goals you’re trying to achieve, what advice you’re seeking, or what issues you’re trying to overcome.

:three: Be open minded — There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to marketing and promotion. What works for one publisher might not work for another. This is an open space where everyone is encouraged to share their own ideas and experiences freely without judgement.

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