Add Alt text to Bookmarks

Is there a way to add alt text to bookmarks? I see you can add caption but not alt text. Thanks in advance for your help

I assume you mean the small preview image on the bookmark card? There’s not anything built in that does that, unfortunately. You might want to make a post over in the ideas area. I suggest you add product cards to the list of places that images can’t be assigned alt tags.

If you need that functionality for bookmarks, it’d be possible to write about three lines of javascript that took the caption and made it also be the alt tag, or better yet, took tagged text (either bold or italic or maybe both?) and automagically made that be the alt text. It’d run client side, so it won’t fix a newsletter or other types of post access, but it’d totally fix any browser-based problems, as long as the browser is running javascript.

Let me know if this is something you need, and I’ll bang it out. :) (No promises on exactly three lines. It might be five…)

Hi. I’m having exactly the same problem and found this conversation. I introduced some sites with bookmark links in blog posting, and PageSpeed got really slow.

Can I get javascript lines that can help adding caption to it, please? Never mind It’s longer or not.

Thanks in advance for your help