Add custom field to Author Object

I have a use case, where I would like to have full author bios on my site (150 words or so). However, I am using a derivative of the Caspar theme and really like the author card idea of having a “strapline” (which is essentially the current <200 characters bio).

So the only way I can thinkof doing this is by adding a full_bio field to the author object and changing the author.hbs file to display <h2 class="author-bio">{{full_bio}}</h2> and leaving the byline_single.hbs as is.

I am very new to ghost development, so don’t know if this is possible, or whether there is an easier way to implement this in the theme only?


Alternatively, is there a better way to achieve the same result - i.e. having full length bio’s for my authors in addition to the standard “strapline” style descriptions.

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