Add Muse Video with URL - just blank space

URL - Where is the video

Using Chromebook but doesn’t appear on phone either and it is ‘shareable’ on Muse’s side too.

Please could anyone shed any light for me.

The iframe is set to position: absolute. That’s not playing well with the theme/embed container. Can you edit the embed code to remove that bit? When I edited it on dev tools, the video DID appear! :)

Thank you so much on responding Cathy.

No matter what I do in the options - remove iframe, responsive etc it still isn’t having it, I can’t alter the code via Muse so Youtube it is! Bbbooooooooo.

Thanks again.

Up to you - it looks really promising and you’re really close, so I wouldn’t give up just yet, but in any case, thank you for causing me to take a look at Muse! It looks like you can get a cleaner embed (once the absolute problem is solved) than with Youtube, so that’s interesting to me for a project I’m working on.

Yeah, I definitely don’t think you should give up yet:

Test post (note to future viewers - not likely to work months from now - I tear that site down constantly.)

I got the embed working, looking like this:

    <div class="home-right">
      <div class="player-container">
        <div id="player-featured" class="muse-video-player"></div>
<script src=""></script>
    const player = MusePlayer({
        container: document.getElementById('player-featured'),
        video: 'c41FczZ',
        height: 'fill',
        title: false,
        search: false,
        autoplay: true,
        loop: true,
        logo: false,
        volume: 0,

I was using an embed off their site - I don’t have a paid plan, but I think you just need to put in your video ID.
UPDATE: Yeah, I put in your video ID (that was visible in a previous picture) and it loads! :) Give it another try, hmm?

Hey Cathy,

Thanks for digging in! I would love to stick with Muse (loyal fan)- but I have no idea where in a post to put the embed code. I am a total coding novice so just using the builder - will have a look through the manuals etc.

Thanks so much.

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Just seen that I have to publish to see it! You have solved it and saved me so much time!

Thanks Cathy!

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