Adding blocks to main page not possible?

Hi all,

New to Ghost but an No Code expert i get a little lost with building a page.
I tried several themes (currently back to “Source”) but i can’t find any blocks that i can add to my main page, like a text box or any other elements which I can add to pages and posts? How can i do that without code injection?
I do only have 2 pages, the main and an about page. And, I want to customize my main page a bit more.

Thanks a lot for your help!

One option for the main (/) page is to have it go to a Ghost page, rather than serving the index or home template.

Lots of tutorials out there for doing that. Here’s mine, which walks you through setting up a page to be served as “/” (no real code required - just reroute a page):

Here’s a similarly-named tutorial that has you actually change the home.hbs template to get it to do what you want instead:

If you just want to get some extra text on the / route, without taking off the posts, you might instead take a look at Solo, which has a header section that you can customize.


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