Need theme for Small Business not bloging

how i can make the homepage as info on a Small Business, not blogging (no need post to show on hompage- need only “pages”). can this be done?

It certainly can be done. You’d edit your routes.yaml to serve a page at /, and then could link the others on the menu bar. But, Ghost is not really a page builder. If you’re looking for drag and drop of complex layouts, you might be frustrated. You certainly can achieve complex layouts, but you’ll need to edit the theme.

Some examples: (on Siskin theme)
Https://Grand.Io (webflow export on Ghost)

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how i can make this theme?
Do you have it as a ready theme?

i have found this: Create a Custom Homepage in Ghost Without Editing Theme Templates
explaining how to make Custom Homepage in Ghost Without Editing Theme Templates

That example I linked was work I did for a client based on their webflow export. No, I don’t have it for sale.

You could certainly follow those directions you linked for putting serving a different page at /. You’ll be limited to what you can do in the Ghost page editor, but if you include HTML cards and code injection, that’s quite a lot!

can you give me some code injection help to make my site look more pro?.
this is my site now i start:
i only need to make a homepage with info on the language learning school I have opened.
page with contact us, and facebook reviews to show on the site as well.
any tip will be helpful.

can you give me some code injection help to make my site look more pro?
If you have a specific style change you’re trying to accomplish, post it. Lots of helpful folks here who can help you figure out the code injection to do it. :)

You can build a homepage like you’re describing with Ghost - use the Page button from the Admin portal (from /ghost). And then you’ll need to adjust routes.yaml, like in the tutorial you linked above.

For facebook reviews, you could try these directions: - you’d put the embed code into an HTML card in the Ghost editor when you’re editing your page.

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i have made some changes but on mobile, the site looks bad. how i can fix it?

That’s not a Ghost problem. :) If you’re fairly new to HTML and CSS, you might want to do a responsive web design tutorial. Here’s one: Responsive Web Design Introduction

can you help me fix it? i am not a dev and its making me a lot of problems.

It looks like there’s simply too much stuff in the header (even in mobile view with most of the text moved to the ‘hamburger’ menu) for it all to fit in the width of the phone screen. You’re going to either need to make the font smaller or else use less text.

yes it was to long text, change it to logo and it been fix. thanks

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