Adding labels to members on signup isn't working

I published a guide recently, about member labels, and how to apply them with multiple checkboxes as labels. The idea is to toggle the data-members-label attribute when the checkbox is clicked.

Here is the post:

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Thanks for this.

It works but in reverse. When you remove the checked attribute and then check an empty label that label is left out and all labels that are not checked are assigned to the user.

That depends on your setup, if you remove the checked attribute you should also remove the data-members-label, because the click will toggle it. But it’s a good point, I will mention it in the post.

@bironthemes Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for and I will try to implement it at Would this allow members to change their labels after they have signed up in their account? I have 1000+ existing subscribers to whom I’d like to give the option, as I launch new newsletter products and want to better segment my audience.

Unfortunately not, it’s not possible right now.
But I just saw the announcement about the new filtering options in Admin, which might be helpful for you to manage labels faster.