Adding PayPal to Stripe

Now that Stripe supports PayPal Payments, would it be possible to add it to the membership checkout process?

I`d also appreciate this a lot. Many customers are requesting payment methods other than credit card. In a few cases I am accepting manual wire transfer. But PayPal would be a valuable addition!

If the team is working on that, I´d also appreciate an option to ask for billing details (in case a customer wants an invoice).

Yes, this is important. People feel more safe using paypal.

I found out this actually works with any further development by Ghost.

  1. Go to stripe and enable Paypal
  2. Go to products in Stripe and create payment links
  3. Embed the payment links on relevant areas in your blog. I have created a new pricing table with ChatGPT. Many themes are already offering a separate theme-page for that.
  4. Purchases will automatically synced with Ghost (through the existing integration), even if they are processed through the stripe checkout via the payment URL.
    Nice extra effect: This way, you can also offer extra features such as asking for billing information.