Want to use both Stripe + Paypal both payment method together

I wanted to use both Stripe + Paypal both together user can either choose stripe or Pypal for payment. Bascially I required 2 payment method together.

Please let me know how we can use both payment method together.

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Ghost’s native payment system is Stripe.

You can use PayPal as an alternative or in addition to Stripe, but it requires additional work to get it up and running. PayPal’s experience won’t be as integrated or seamless as using Stripe: Accepting member's payments using PayPal

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Hello Ryan, has this recently changed with the additional payment methods beta? I am showing that PayPal is a new option according to this page on Ghost website.

If so, all of us just got a massive boost in revenue potential and I will be so stoked If this is the case.

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With the payment methods beta it should be possible to take PayPal payments through Stripe.

It does look like you’ll need to request recurring payments to be enabled on your account which will take a few days

Please give it a go and let us know how it works out! :slight_smile: