Advice: Best media library for Ghost?

Hello! I am new to Ghost and wanting to set up a media library myself, with very limited coding skills. I’ve seen various forum posts where people have explained reasons for wanting a built-in Ghost media library (count me in!) - but I couldn’t find any forum posts comparing pros and cons of the existing options. I’m leading toward the free Cloudinary option or Google Drive.

I’m getting hung up on the Cloudinary instructions because from the beginning it seems you need to set an “appropriate size” (I have no idea!). I’m using the Headline theme.

Anyway, just curious if folks might share their experience with different media library options. (And if anyone has guidance on the “appropriate size” issue… but that is secondary.)

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Hi there @Berkeley_Scanner and welcome in!

I also lean toward the Cloudinary option.

I am very interested in setting up one of my Ghost sites with Cloudinary’s Media Library Widget…

Taken together, the available information seems to point toward a possibility for embedding (or popping up in a modal) my Cloudinary Media Library for use within the Ghost editor…

Here it is mentioned
(Official Ghost + Cloudinary Integration)…

Thanks for the links. I tried to review the information on all of the above pages but honestly still have no idea where to begin. I may need to get a developer on board for this! (Or even to figure out if it’s worthwhile.) I’m used to WP and just having the media library there - who knew that was so convenient! :)

The Ghost integrations pages for both Google Drive and Cloudinary state that each one is a “heavily tested open source storage adapter which contains detailed instructions about how to configure it.” … Well, I don’t know how git, npm or any of these things work – so for me the instructions are not detailed enough by a long shot. I guess I need to go get “git for dummies” or something.

Yes I agree - it’s a lot of geeksplaining

The other day I put a request into Cloudinary support (see copied below) and I will continue to update this thread as I get more info…

That’s great - thank you for sharing and for requesting.

One open question I have, and you may know the answer – the Ghost Cloudinary page, which is focused on its media optimisation platform, notes that there is “a free tier which is more than sufficient for most people.”

I’m wondering if the media library itself would require additional payment. I saw that “Every user who accesses the Media Library requires a separate seat license.” Which sounds like it’s something you pay for.

But, under the signup page, I didn’t see the media library as even a product you could sign up for. So I would appreciate more direction on this and will also Google around.

Do you already have a Cloudinary media library set up, but just want better integration?

Just curious if I might need to get a developer on board for this (and how involved it might be) vs something I will be able to figure out with the right instructions. :)

I’m looking at this page too, maybe getting warmer…