Re the "media library / browser /functionality" - what off-Ghost storage and library is best to use for storing Media?

There have been many discussions and ideas on how to use an external media library/browser with Ghost.

There have been discussions here

and a prototype proposed here

To be used within ghost.

My question is more - what media library is best to use with Ghost?

Do we have any standalone, open-source media libraries that can be plugged into Ghost? Do they exist?

Are storages like Cloudinary something to consider (and AWS, and Google Cloud etc), and if so - does anyone here have any screenshots of what that looks like when used with Ghost?

Has anyone had any experience with connecting a separate storage of any kind for their media files to Ghost, and if so did you document it anywhere?

That is doable:

The problem is rather that most storage adapters are a bit outdated and not maintained.

The way these work is that they simply outsource storing media files to the external storage. I personally use the Ghos3 adapter with AWS S3. In Ghost nothing changes at all. In S3 I have an overview like this (there are also different folders for different image sizes, etc.):

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Aha. Thank you for sharing that. Makes sense.

Since nothing changes in Ghost, re-using an image that you already have would have to be done via a hardcoded link, right?

It’s not like you could load the “add image” choice while you are typing up a post in Ghost, and then you could select a previously used one among your files. Which is more like what I am looking for. Perhaps that can not be done without meddling in Ghost core.

Yeah, if you want to re-use an image, you’d have to fetch the link from the storage you’re using and use that.

So, the storage adapters give you an overview over what images you are using in Ghost, but it doesn’t let you choose an image in the Ghost admin frontend, no.