Cannot access admin page /ghost after updating 3.x to 4.47

OS: FreeBSD, v13.0
Node Version: v16.13.0
Ghost Version: 4.47.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.19.3

I had the ghost running for very long, migrated from 2.x to 3.x now tried to migrate to 4.x
First i updated ghost-cli and ghost to latest 3.x (don’t remember the number) and everything was working fine. I also updated my theme to a version that is working with 4.x supposedly. Then I ran the update and site updated.
I created the symbolic link:
ln -s current public_nodejs
Then created the app.js in public_nodejs:
echo “require(”./index.js");" >> public_nodejs/app.js

I always do those 2 things after updating ghost, and the site is runnig but i can’t access the admin page
It looks like it is reffering to some old 3.x version of ghost for some reason so i assume i did something wrong?