Allow configuration of custom post types

I have read through many topics regarding post types, and haven’t found any answer that satisfies my request / use case. I love ghost and want to use it for building websites and blogs for clients because it’s easy to use and intuitive. However, the only post types I can make are Pages and Posts. I noticed that in the recent upgrade from 2.x to 3.x, the field page was renamed to type, and posts are either of type post or page. I am not sure if the Ghost team intends to allow a developer to configure custom post types in the future, but this would be a very useful feature. Allow me to explain:

I do not mean:

  • custom fields
  • manipulate or allow customization of admin UI per post type

I do mean:

  • create a post type called banners that will not have a URL, nor would it appear in a sitemap. {{#get "banners" filter="tags:home" }}
  • create a post type called products that I can drop a paypal button into post content as html {{#get "products" include="tags" }}

Currently I hack this into life by using tags, which seems very inappropriate. It would be much more organized and intuitive for developers and content creators if you could configure different post types that a template can grab {{#get "POST_TYPE_VALUE" include="tags" }}. Admin UI does not need to be different at all, save for a configuration to allow public access via URL publicAccess: false (you cannot set a slug for that post type bc not a publicly accessible type, therefore field would be disabled).

Is this something that is acceptable to the Ghost team?