Can you use ghost to manage other kinds of entry-types beyond just posts?

I’m hoping to build out a site that lets me manage more than just blog posts, each with their own properties. Is this something I can pull off with ghost? I couldn’t tell for sure from the documentation.

entry type examples:

  • blog posts with data like published date, category, etc
  • photos with data like GPS location, Aperture, focal length, etc
  • movie reviews with data like movie name, review text, poster image url, rating number, etc

Those aren’t necessarily exactly the content I want to display but it’s a rough example. I’d like to be able to show feeds of different kinds of data in addition to blog posts.

Yes, it can. You just need to program it. :man_technologist:t2:

Exactly, as @John once said: “Ghost, it’s so versatile that the only limit is your imagination.”

In the case that you comment, you need to customize various processes: both custom templates (.hbs) oriented to the posts you want, their respective CSS, their personalized pages (.hbs) that host for example the collection of resources you want (Text entries , photos with data, movie reviews …) and similarly, you must create a custom route file.

That is, it is possible, but you need your own development and do a great job, to get the desired result. :surfing_man:

If you need help, count on me.



Awesome. That all sounds do-able. Can you point me to documentation on how to format custom templates to accept custom data in the CMS? (Eg, for photos how can I add a text field in the CMS to enter the aperture or focal length for new posts?)

It is totally feasible, although I did not say it was something simple to implement. In fact, you need to know some HTML5 development, CSS3, Handlebars, in order to implement it correctly.

Mainly with the concepts: Customization of routes and Post / page customization, you can search the forum, and study the case you propose. But you have to use an “out of the box” mentality, think that what you want to do corresponds to something that nobody did before and it’s like you have to force, the normal use of the system.

To me, it is something that I love. In fact, if you customize the routes and pages, the system is like driving a Ferrari. But beware, it’s all about chopping code and creating logical structures in front-end development.

For example, creating openings and closures of content with HTML Code in the Post, and then setting your CSS variables in the external code, so I recommend working in SASS.

But for what you propose, you can create a double Flexbox, in the area on the left you implement the photography and in the area on the right, you create lines with the data you want. You apply CSS to give it a desired look & feel, and that’s it.

Try as much as possible, not to abuse Javascript solutions in the front-end, to minimize the response in loading times.

But everything is based on developing a conceptualization of what you want … to look for similar ideas and implant your personal seal in the final development.

As professional advice, try not to overload the Home with images and optimize them to the fullest. The loading speed will be your best ally to achieve success.

I appreciate you sharing, but I don’t think these things actually address what I’m hoping to do. For example, let’s say I wanted to create a page that is a feed of photos like my own custom instagram-like feed. It doesn’t seem like I can create new fields in the Ghost CMS to capture information like f-stop and use a custom property to display that information through a theme. The custom post templates look like custom layouts for posts but they don’t actually let you introduce new data/data-types.

Yes, you can. Currently, there is no book that explains it. But I visualized that you are a developer, so what you should do is understand the structure that supports Ghost CMS, when you understand it you will see that you can make modifications directly, through pure HTML and Handlebars code, or if you prefer, make inclusions in the editor, through hml inputs and outputs in the editor.

Obviously, once you have included the code, you must provide it with CSS (my personal recommendation is that you work with SASS).

In the case that you express, to make a gallery with (external) data, it would be somewhat limited; but if you want to make a photo file with structured data, image type on the left and technical information on the right, it is totally viable.

However, I would really try to study the project, in order to minimize the use of images, as they can act contraindicatively for the site’s speed score.

As examples of more striking uses, I could show you the home of this page …

Although my recommendation is that you make more minimalist designs, avoid the overload of unnecessary scripts, images or information and, failing that, as a solution is to program attached solutions, such as inclusion of external data …

Really the Ghost system is 100% versatile and I am convinced that if you propose, you can make any idea come true.

Hello again @taureanbryant

An interesting idea has occurred to me, although I haven’t had time to develop it. As I told you, knowing HTML, CSS and Handlebars, the possibilities are endless, as long as you sharpen the ingenuity for it.

I have not stopped thinking in the background, in the idea that you commented, how to make a gallery for photographers, taking into account variables specific to their specialty, and above all, how to show them in a supposed gallery.

As it occurred to me, we could do it with handlebars. Maybe we could create a custom handlebar (in post) that shows information A, and make a call to that handlebar, in the gallery.

That way, we could customize the initial gallery, with the information obtained from the specific post …

I know that conceptualization is somewhat advanced, but perhaps together we could develop it. Well it would be a plus, to our customizations.

I hope I have been able to help you more, I am still aware of it.

A hug.