Allow Members to Follow Hashtags

Allow members to follow hashtags.


  • This would give members more granular control over the content they receive.

This seems like a fairly straightforward feature to implement that could add a lot of value for members.

There are no hashtags in Ghost, but there are tags. :)

So the ability to sign up for only newsletters with certain tags applied would be cool, yes.

If you want to kludge that together, it’s possible to make multiple newsletters. So you could create a newsletter for each tag, and let members choose which newsletters they want. But newsletter posts go out to one newsletter, so if you anticipate lots of cross-topic posts, that could be annoying. You can also choose who gets a post by ‘label’, but I don’t think there’s anything that allows a member to select/change their labels after creation.

Admin can edit labels (and they’re available at the admin api endpoint), but I don’t think a member can. The labels are not returned from the /member/ endpoint.