Alternate content for web or email

I publish blog posts that rely heavily on media. I can use embedded frames in the posts so readers can instantly access the media. It works beautifully. If I publish the post via email, which I want to do to ensure that all of my subscribers see the new posts, then the embedded media doesn’t work. I can use an email Card to create email-only content (e.g. using /email) but I cannot do the opposite and to have my embedded iframe only display in the online version. This is super frustrating (and surprised me greatly).

Searching online, I came across a suggestion to do the following:

  1. Create the online post
  2. Publish it online but do not send email
  3. Clone the online post
  4. Edit as required
  5. Publish the new post as a newsletter (i.e. via email but not online)

I did that for one of my posts and it worked – but it’s a ridiculously insane amount of extra work with way too much repetition.

What I need is a Card that lets me provide mutually-exclusive content for online and email versions. Then I can publish once, ensuring that all of my subscribers are notified immediately, and give everyone the best experience – wherever they read the post.

If there is truly no way to do this I’d be up for developing the feature myself and submitting it – but I fear it might get rejected, possibly after a long development process.

This is the exact issue I’m having.

I’m about to move over to Ghost. I’ve build the site from ground up and it works beautifully!

But as I make daily videos to emailed to my members, I’ve just came to realise this limitation.

Just like you I’ve thought about duplicating the post, but its so time consuming.

Having a crd for ‘online only’ would be awesome.