Alto theme – featuring a page

Hi there! I’m using the Alto theme on a hosted version of Ghost.

In the editor, both posts and pages have the option “Feature this page/post”. Posts for which this is activated end up in the featured carousel on the homepage above the post feed.

But that does not work for pages. So I am wondering what this option is for?

Does anyone have an idea how to get the carousel show featured pages instead of posts?

Featured pages are kind of a rare use case, I think.

“Under the hood”, setting a post or a page to “featured” only means that it is marked as such from Ghost. What a theme does with a featured post or page is up to the theme.

In the case of Alto, it only queries for posts (see first line of that code where it says #get "posts"...):

If you want to include pages there, you would need to change the logic in there. I don’t have a quick solution for you that would filter for both posts and pages, unfortunately.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I think with the new, more advanced layout options for pages, the use cases might become more. In my case, I created multiple, visually appealing landing pages highlighting different features/content areas of my paid subscription. It would make sense to feature those different pages right at the top of the homepage, to catch people’s attention (because the feed of posts doesn’t necessarily do that, in my experience).

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