What is a featured page in the edition theme?

I am wondering what is the meaning/purpose of a featured page using the edition theme. A featured post shows up at the top of the posts but what about a featured page ? Is there a way to display a page rather than a post using the slider ?

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Marking a post as featured will put it at the top of the feed. That’s the feature.
About feature pages: no, there is no way to display feature pages without diving into coding them into the theme

Hi Tiago,

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer that question.

Btw, do you know whether the edition theme might be updated someday ? is there a documentation available for that theme ?



Official themes from the Ghost team (Edition, Casper, etc) tend to be updated to keep up with the new features released by Ghost.

About documentation, there isn’t much more than you can find on Github GitHub - TryGhost/Edition: The newsletter theme for Ghost

As a rule, pages on Ghost aren’t supposed to appear on feeds. So, they work on Ghost as standalone pages. Examples, contact pages, membership page explaining the perks (similar to Portal), about page, and so on.

Do you mean that the featured pages would need to be “hardcoded” into the theme template? So if you wanted to have 3 featured pages above the regular posts on the homepage, you would have to code those specific pages/URLs into the template?

Or could these featured pages be coded in similar to how (I assume) posts are, such that if I had, say, 3 pages marked as “featured” and 3 spots available on the homepage, those 3 pages would display, but if I unmarked one of those pages and marked another page as featured instead, it would display on the homepage instead?

You’re making me a hard question for my knowledge level :sweat_smile:

First, let’s look into the code for the featured part on the Edition Theme (featured.hbs file)

As you can see in line 1, it’s set to only show posts.

So, if you want it to show pages, you need to make changes to this line and make it consider pages to show there.

But, what you need to put there is beyond my knowledge.


  • I’m not a dev
  • I have limited experience modifying Ghost themes
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@Tiago I think it is likely possible to feature pages similar to the way that posts can be featured (without hardcoding specific pages into the template file.

But I could very easily be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time :joy:

If I find some time this weekend, I will give it a go and see if I can make it work.


What you guys could try is, downloading the casper theme, because there, it is possible to feature a post. Then you can see, how it is programmed there and then copy paste the relevant code to your theme.