Any other option but Stripe?

I’m from Argentina and Stripe does not open accounts here. Therefore I cannot use memberships ans premium newsletter with the full potential of the site. I rather implement some sui generis way of paid suscribers, but the options ghost offers lack almost all the functionality (cannot create paid members. Only free or suscribers). This imposes an important restriction on the development potential of my newsletter.

Does anyone implement other paid memberships with paypal or any other payment provider to fully automate the collections?


Hello, I am from Colombia, I have the same problem as you. Stripe does not open payment options available for Colombia and my newsletter can only be configured in free option. I wish Ghost could set up a second option for this geographical coverage issue from Stripe.

Check out Mash for various different monetisation options and Twenty Uno for direct donations. Both entail merely pasting scripts into your footer. Bitcoin only, as everything eventually will be. No need for any backwards legacy gatekeepers or redundant intermediaries anymore.

I have the same issue, Stripe won’t be available (unless invited only) in Indonesia. I don’t know when it will open its business in my country, but I follow this guide in case PayPal already operates in Indonesia. The cons I have no option for free users.