Newsletter open and click tracking bug


I just updated my installation of Ghost to the latest version and sent out a newsletter release. I usually average around a 70% open rate, but it’s currently reporting 2%. I think there’s something wrong here. Thoughts?

Have you been able to check your MailGun logs? What do you they say?

You can also try restarting Ghost to resync your open rate stats.

I have the same issue.

Open rates come from Mailgun - so the first place to look is inside the Mailgun UI to check if the open rates there match the ones in Ghost.

If they match, then that generally means the open rate in Ghost is accurate.

If they don’t match, Mailgun might have dropped the ball sending updated stats to Ghost. This usually resolves itself, because Ghost will keep pinging Mailgun for updates, but you can also restart Ghost to force an update.

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