Mail Open Rate is stuck at 0%

Hi all, I hope you are well.

I just sent my first newsletter. It worked fine. People are receiving the emails. However I’m unable to see Open Rate in my Dashboard. Any idea?

I’m using Ghost, DigitalOcean, Mailgun and Cloudflare combination.
I did all the CNAME and MX configurations

My CloudFlare DNS settings are as below

On Mailgun have you enabled open rates tracking?

When I started using Ghost open rates were 0 until I turned that on.

Aha! THANK YOU Tiago! I didnt know there was such a setting! Just found it and enabled! Now waiting a bit to see if it will work. It is weird to have to disabled by default!

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It’s more privacy-friendly to have it disabled by default.

Also note, open rates aren’t a 100% reliable metric anymore since iOS 14 came out.

Also also, I have click tracking enabled but on my Ghost dashboard, there’s no info about clicks. So either I’m doing something wrong or it doesn’t work well.

Ah ok. thats where I’m hoping to see the stats. This is one of the reason why I switched to Ghost. Using one product for multiple things.

OK I just checked. I can see Open rate in Mailgun dashboard, but not in Ghost Dashboard : /

Sadly, my experience tells me open rates from previous emails aren’t reported to Ghost. Only going forward the information will start to appear on Ghost.

yes, thats why I created a new email to test. delivered a few friends and myself to test. We all opened. I saw on Mailgun, but not in Ghost dashboard. Unless it takes some time to update

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It can take several days to update - at least in my case.

Also if you are using CloudFlare or something similar there are additional steps to be done.

This topic helpe me alot: How to troubleshoot email open rate being 0%?