Open rate stuck at a low number

Hi there,

I think I’ve just ran into a bug (with Ghost 4.2): I sent two newsletters this week, and for both of them the number of opens is vastly inconsistent between Ghost and Mailgun. The number of opens is not zero (so this is not an API key issue as explained here: How to troubleshoot email open rate being 0%?), but the difference is huge (Ghost displays an open rate of 1-5% when the actual open rate is something around 50%).

It seems that Ghost starts to properly count the number of opens right after the newsletter has been sent, but then suddenly stops.

Any idea what could be the source of the problem?

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I have had the same problem for many months Enable newsletter open-rate analytics doesn't work - #27 by n1n10

Still haven’t found a solution.

Update: the last published post saw its open rate jump around 45% a couple of days ago in Ghost, which is consistent with the data I saw on Mailgun. But the open rate is still broken for the other.

I also just published a new post and the problem is once again occurring.

Any idea if there are logs or stuff like that I could have a look at to investigate what is happening?