Anyone familiar with moving a domain you own out of Canva to the ghost platform and still have my website design as is?

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My URL -, owned and registered through the Canva app. Purchased in Oct 2022.
I have the latest version of ghost. Working on a MacBook Air - macOS Ventura 13.1.
Using Ghost on the Chrome app.
Not sure what else I need to enclose here, as I am not a coding specialist (obviously).
But, Canva connects to FlowPaper. Which I use for creating the look I want for my posts topics.
I have just spent way too much time trying to work around publishing while having access to the backend of my site. Canva does not offer that option, which I did not know to look for at the beginning. Big mistake. Not happy about that.
I want to keep my pro membership with them tho, cause I have yet to find an app for design that can give me an easiness and the freedom Canva does.

The link you posted doesn’t work, so I can’t see how your website currently looks.

The design is not attached to the domain. You can probably transfer the domain to another domain registrar and point it at a Ghost install somewhere. But that won’t move your website content that Canva hosts. If you want your website design available outside of Canva, you’re going to need to look for a tool to export your website as HTML. I don’t know if Canva allows website export - I don’t see anything in a quick Google that looks like it.

I do see where you can embed a Canva design in a website - but I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to do?