Are Gzip and "image optimization" related?


1) I the docs, I see we can configure the image compression.

My question: As I have a big custom theme, is Ghost compress assets that are in the theme itself? I have about 45MB of pictures, and I am not sure Ghost compresses those as well.

2) On the other hand, on we have a terrible score on the gzip side.

Note: D
grade: 67%
Suggestion: Compress components with gzip
Description: Decreasing the number of components on a page reduces the number of HTTP requests required to render the page, resulting in faster page loads. Some ways to reduce the number of components include: combine files, combine multiple scripts into one script, combine multiple CSS files into one style sheet, and use CSS Sprites and image maps.

Question: Is this related to the size of my images?

Maybe it has nothing to do. I feel it’s usually something the server is managing.

What could make my theme not gzip friendly?

Thanks for everything!

No, Ghost will only apply resizing to images that are uploaded as feature images or post images. If you are adding assets to your theme then it’s expected that you have already properly optimised them for your theme’s use cases.

No, gzip compression relates to text such as the HTML and any CSS/JS assets that are served when viewing a page. Images are already in a compressed format such as jpg/png and so gzip compression doesn’t help there.

The tool should give you more details on the specific assets that it’s detecting are problematic, are you able to share any more info?

Thank you very much for this detailed answer Kevin.

When testing on we have a bad score.

So I tested with another tool and it’s looks fine

I guess is not doing a reliable job for the gzip.