Atrium - Let you members contribute to your site's content

Hey Guys!

I’ve built a demo for an integration idea I had recently. You can see it here! (and sign up for early access)

Atrium is a way to enable any of the members from your Ghost site to contribute to its content.

This could be great for a situation where you wanted to make a forum or a community and want to stay within the Ghost ecosystem.

Below shows the home page when someone is not yet a member :point_down:

After signing up, there is now an option to create a post which sends them to a form page to fill out their new post.:point_down:

Atrium works using Ghost’s native memberships, therefore you will have the option to filter which members can post. For example, I can see a common scenario being that only members who pay can post content.

That’s all Atrium is for now. Hopefully this demo shows what it could become and what possible extensions could be (e.g. comments for a forum as well as new themes).

If there is some initial interest, I’d love to enable some more people to use it!

Thanks for checking Atrium out :ghost:



Every once in a while I stumble across stuff and my first thought is: Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Even it’s kind of a proof of concept, this is huge! (Sorry for cross-posting, but maybe this will help to boost your idea.)


Thanks @sherold!

Really appreciate the feedback :raised_hands:


love this.

how do I activate this on my sites?

Thanks so much @manojnayak - I’ll message you!

This is so cool! How did you manage to implement it? Is there some backend that injects the posts into Ghost via the Admin API, or what? :open_mouth::ok_hand:

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Hey Guys!

I just added an in-built comment system to Atrium. Try it out here - You need to be logged in first!

It’s very simple for now, but will get more mature as interest in Atrium increases.

This will be a nice addition for sites that want their community to be able to contribute to longer posts and interact with each other in the comments without using another paid-for integration!

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Hey @badrihippo!

Glad you like it :slight_smile: I talk more about the technical aspects on my Twitter.

Thanks for sharing and for showing what is possible.

I am using Cove Comments which can generate a JSON export file. If you could import this file (and attach to parent posts) as well as implement other Cove UI/UX features:

  • Pinning
  • Liking
  • Hide comment
  • Delete comment
  • Formatting options (CSS framework for code injection first to move into the .hbs file later)
  • Member management/moderation

Cove offers a free trial – could be worth signing up to get a sense of what’s involved.

One of the reasons this is attractive to me is I am upgrading to Meili Search and this would enable me to index and search on the comments.

Hey there, really interesting! But the linked site doesn’t seem to work anymore… What happened?

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Hi @tillrahn, I ended up sunsetting the project for now as I struggled to get interest from those who signed up for early access.

I’d still love to hear your use case for Atrium if you have one. Just send me a message :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool but the feature I’d really want to see is more fine grained controlled on who can post/submit posts. aka. I’d like various ‘areas’ of my website aka tags to be managed by different people who own that area. Think of it as maybe ‘community’, ‘tech’, ‘writing guides’. It would really be nice to have approval go to different people and only allow certain members to be able to submit to certain areas.