Audio cards - Changelog

It's now possible to upload audio files directly to your posts!

This means you can share audio content with your audience, with a beautiful media player that nests into your posts and emails seamlessly.

Jingle Bells — 2021 Cardmas Edition

Now you can share bonus content for paid members, interviews, clips from a podcast, or music.

Audio cards support files of up to 50mb depending on your Ghost(Pro) plan, and accepts .mp3, .wav, and .ogg filetypes.
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This is lovely, thank you.
The audio embed looks like this on an iPhone in horizontal mode. Dunno if the fix is to be sought on your end or my theme?

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Hi :wave: - We are looking into this. Would you mind sending us the theme you are using?

I just did, thank you.

Following up here! This does look to be theme-related. The developer (Aspire) should be able to help you with this.

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