Authors, Forums, Members


New here and trying to figure out if Ghost is what I need.

I’m very tempted by the idea of using one and only one simple platform for my project. However, from a quick check of the free version, which is supposed to include all Pro features, it does not look simple at all.

But moving past this, there are a few musts I need available for the possibility of growing at scale.

Authors = staff?
What if I’m publishing a text that was written by other people, not staff? How else can I give them the credit they deserve if I can’t let them post? Or at least add their name as the contributors?

Members = audience?
Do members get their own profile page and login? Or is it only access to the content that they get?

Forums? It seems like forums is not something possible on Ghost. Am I correct?

Can anyone share of your experience? Specifically, if you’re running a magazine featuring a large number of contributors.


Hello !
I’m a pro user. If you want to create a blog with multi-authors I would NOT recommend Ghost Pro… Use a self hosted Ghost instead (via Digital Ocean).
Ghost is not a forum software AT ALL. But fits very well with Discourse.
The general philosophy of Ghost, as far as I can understand it, is : by no way try to do something that others do far more better than you (comments, search, etc.). Instead, propose an easy way to integrate it. It is by definition the absolute opposite of WP, which tries to be everything in the same time, and - to my very opinion - has lost itself.


I am just another (recent) user.

But on my experience, if you need a site were people can sign in and publish articles ghost is not for you.

Ghost is thought for a reduce and fixed number of people that write article often and in a controlable fashion (what most of sites publishing site require, I think).

Staff can be admins, authors, contributors or editors.
But you need to invite them manually and add them into your staff.

It is not thought for a place were any can sign up and became a member after some level or something like that.

As you indicate, members are just audience, which can have special contents dedicated to them and receive the notices by mail.
Any people can suscribe.

Then there are paid members than can have special content.
That is all.

Forums are not part of ghost.
It is not fully integrated with forums.

If all you need is to have comments to your articles, you can integrate ghost with online places or discourse forum (which you can host by yourself).

forum can be integrated with discourse. i think so.
but for author from members. you can actually just asked them to email you their content. beware of spam mail.