Auto-closing questions

Hi, I’m a long-time Ghost user, new to this forum, and a Discourse forum admin.

While visiting the forum, I found a question to which I wanted to add an answer. I wasn’t able to, though:

Any chance to reconsider this thread locking policy? For comprehensive advocacy on why many others and I believe that discussions should be allowed to continue, please see Why archiving old threads is a bigger problem than we’ve realized.

@dandv the locking policy hasn’t been in place for a while now but many old posts are still locked from before the policy change. If you open a new topic and point to an existing closed one we can always merge and re-open the older topic

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Remote JSON requests from inside a template file

Hi Kevin,

Long time no see :slight_smile:

I’ve opened a new topic, Old blog completely broken, can't migrate, can't even renew SSL, and pointed to How to renew default let's encrypt ssl?.

Worth merging, or is it separate enough? Also, a few posts in that second topic are obsolete (#11 and #12 are about a fixed typo).