Backdate more than a month does not work

Hey there, i’ve just deployed a ghost dev environment for testing (basically just how the docs recommend) - i’ve encountered a problem where it doesn’t throw an error but just ignores me, wanting to backdate (or shedule) more than like one month.

I need this feature very much … :frowning:

@Passant I’m struggling to follow what it is you are trying to do. Are you trying to schedule a post for future publication, or are you trying to change the publish date of a post to a past date?

Hi, the goal is to do a timeline based blog with posts that would
be imported (likely manually) - we have entries (and some
additional posts that don’t exist yet) from even the previous year, that
would need to be displayed by their original/intended date.
Scheduling was just for testing after i noticed that backdate
wasn’t really working.