Quick question -- can’t schedule post for future

Problem just now – can’t schedule a post for publication later.

I click “Schedule for later,” then try using the drop-down calendars OR manually editing the date and time. No matter what I do, the date and time revert to right now as soon as I leave the field.


Hi @BruceInLouisville :wave: We’ve actually had another report about that recently but haven’t been able to reproduce the problem to find out what’s going wrong. Would you mind sharing the following information?

  • your site timezone
  • your local timezone
  • time of day when the bug occurs (in other reports this mostly seemed to be later in the day, with the picker working OK in the mornings)
  • browser being used (trying in other browsers when you’re seeing the bug would be helpful to eliminate the browser variable)


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The Ghost version would also be useful to know as well.

Info you requested

Most important is that it is working now (10 AM EDT).

I manage my Ghost site within Wavebox, which uses Chromium. Chromium version is 102.0.5005.115

Tried it in Safari as well; working there too, now.

My time zone is Eastern. Site’s time zone is also Eastern. Site is hosted by Gloat Hosting, which uses Digital Ocean, so I’m not sure where the server is physically located.

Ghost info:

  • Version: 5.2.3
  • Environment: Production
  • Database: mysql8
  • Mail: SMTP
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PS – If it happens again, I’ll check the console log in the browser to see if there are any errors related to it.

Happened again last night. But worked okay this morning. Reporting it to add to the info.

Could it be that you can schedule for later the same day, but can’t schedule for a different date?

Happened just now. (Again, in the evening, trying to schedule for the next day.)

I checked the console, and when I click the “Schedule for later” button, this error message pops up in the console. Don’t know if this is helpful or not.

[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking ‘touchstart’ event. Consider marking event handler as ‘passive’ to make the page more responsive. See Passive event listeners - Chrome Platform Status

Yt @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:1352
install @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:1356
(anonymous) @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:3640
e.track @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:3870
commit @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:3640
commit @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:3644
qt @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:3646
_renderRoots @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:1482
_renderRootsTransaction @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:1487
_revalidate @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:1487
invoke @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:4023
flush @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:4015
flush @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:4028
_end @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:4085
F._boundAutorunEnd @ vendor.min-ea369e6487643585f35409d474b06789.js:4037

That error is unrelated.

I’ve found the source of the problem and have a fix ready pending further tests. The issue was with sites with a negative timezone offset when the local time would cause the UTC-adjusted date to be next day which was why the problem only showed up later in the day.

Fix will be included in the next Ghost release.

Thank you! Looking forward to it.