Basic questions about getting started with Ghost

So I bought Ghost Pro Creator subscription, after allowing myself to be influenced by positive reviews and general touting of this platform as “extremely easy to use”.

Well, let’s see how easy it is to remove default posts that come with some free theme:

As you see, there is no “Delete” button which would allow to get rid of these default posts - I can only “unpublish” them, which means they will still stay in my dashboard as drafts. Whose idea was this? Why would I need a default post in my blog, even as a draft?

Next - about creating a now post. All the newly created posts go to the home page of the theme and there is no option which would allow me to publish a post to some other page. I can create a custom new page but this new page will be only displayed if i add some additional string to the URL. For example, if i create a new page “test”, it will be accessible by querying Easy Website Builder | Web Hosting Included | in the browser, but this “test” page will not be visible anywhere in the website’s navigation pane.

How difficult is for the devs of this dashboard to allow linking a new page to the desired navigation? What’s the point of allowing custom navigation menus in Settings → Navigation, if there is no possibility to map to any existing page? As a result, any custom navigation button will return 404 when clicked on.

So where is the extreme simplicity and ease of use?

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ghost/#/settings/labs - Delete all content

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wow, how intuitive

Inside each post you also have a delete button if you do not want a post to stay in a unpublished state. :slight_smile:

As for the navigation links, I’m not sure I understand what your issue is. In the navigation setting page you can add links to existing pages. You have to use the it’s slug available in the settings of each page.

You can also delete the Ghost user, which is outlined in the first post (Start here for a quick overview of everything you need to know)


ok, i can add the link (i.e. a page) to the navigation item. But can i link a post to a page?

Let’s say i have a page and its URL is

Now, if i write a sample post and hit “publish”, this post will be found in instead of

Each post has its own URL as well. Posts by default will be published on your home page, but if you open one of them you’ll see its address in you browser. You can even see what it’s slug will be in the settings of the post your are writing.
Once you have its slug you can add it to your navigation menu if you like, which will create a link to it.

Ghost doesn’t have any bulk edit tools at the moment. That’s true.


I got help from official Ghost support, everything is OK now.

Ghost is very good

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Yes, the post listing is extremely rudimentary. I’m hoping that will be fixed at some point.