Best Ghost Themes Launched in April

Hi forum!

Every month, I’m compiling all the themes newly launched and making a quick impression about them. At some point through the year, i’ll be reviewing them all and launching a full review.

Hope it is helpful to you!


Thank you for your nice blog.

Here is my new theme. Please add on your blog.

I am looking to hear from you.

Thank you


@gregpozo your link out to the Saima one is coming through relative (and getting a 404)

just fyi :slight_smile:

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You are correct! fixed


I saw this theme, and it looks fantastic. The reason why i left it out is because it was launched in May, so it will be part of the May’s issue!

Great work Greg! Nice idea.

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Nice blog.

Thanks! Just trying to make this themes to reach more people!

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Love the layout. Quick question - on the previous/next posts - if the featured image is missing/not set - what will show up? White text or dark text?

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Hi @jpm,
Thank you. If you don’t set feature image, it will show only content.
Like this: