Best way to export Ghost story to markdown?

Should I just write the whole post in a markdown card and copy to export it? Or does better ways exist?

I found this website which converts an URL, but I wanted to know if there is some better alternative?

This is for an external story to be published on another website.

@MLFromScratch sounds like a reasonable tool for the job if it’s a one-off, there are likely similar ones available all based on different underlying parsing/stringifying libraries. is a really good go-to resource for doing this sort of thing if you’re a coder :slight_smile: If you wanted markdown-formatted versions of all your content you could take the html value of posts via Ghost’s Content API and put them through a rehype.parse -> remark.stringify pipeline to get a markdown version (there’s a specific plugin for that).

Thanks Kevin, this looks good. This is most probably the first of many times I will need to export.

I’m not sure there is an advantage to the rehype plugin though, why would it be better? :slight_smile:

That comment was focused on tools to build an automated pipeline if this was something you needed to do for every post.