Bulk import markdown text as posts in Ghost


Does any know a method to bulk import markdown files into Ghost.

What I would like to achieve is to set my md files into a folder and then have them automatically publish onto my Ghost instance so that I dont have to log into the application to make posts.

An alternative would be just to have a bulk import that I can just perform manually through the interface every once a while (like I see that there is a bulk Wordpress import).

Is there something like this available in Ghost? Can someone point me in the right direction?


Sorry, POst2Ghost may be the thing im looking for

I also wish there was an easier, native way to do this. I asked a similar question here: How to write Ghost posts in Markdown and track via git?.

In short, it appears like you can hack something together using the Ghost API / Post2Ghost, but there’s not an “officially supported” way to do this.

If you end up building something or documenting your workflow please let me know, would love to check it out!

@clintgibler, Id prefer to use ghost. But since this is just for me im going to use Jekyll (as it is built around md)

Ah, thanks for the context. I’m currently using Jekyll, but hope to use Ghost in the future for the paid subscriber feature, hence my interest in continuing to use a Markdown writing flow :slight_smile: