Is there a way of importing .md markdown files to Ghost?

Pretty much this, i have a few readme’s at GitHub that i want to carry over Ghost.

Is this possible without re-writting them again? They are large af.

Copy paste won’t work, for some reason the markdown interpreter only works if you type it manually.

Hi yellow,

that’s odd. I just tried to copy a readme over and it worked like a charm (on Ghost v4.17.0). I didn’t view the raw data on Github but went into edit mode and copy/pasted the file’s content

I imagine you could also use a Markdown card in your editor. This one will be cumbersome to edit though.

If you want to migrate a lot of files automatically, you could as well use the Ghost Admin API Documentation - /posts endpoint. Download your Markdown files, compile them to HTML (e.g with Pandoc) and send as many POST requests as necessary

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