Better mobile support of Ghost editor



I just want to ask: is that planned to implement a full mobile support of post editing?

Everyone knows, that post editor in the Ghost is not working completely in mobile phone (there is a warning).
That’s why I usually did a trick: I create a few markdown blocks, then I edit my post from mobile phone in any time at any place.

Last time Ghost team announced a lot of improvements to Koenig editor, so I decided to write my new blog post completely without markdown block.

Now I will “pay” for that, because outside of markdown the process of editing from mobile doesn’t allow me to change formatting of blocks and change text parts, and also blocks are being corrupted sometimes after my tries to edit.

Do you have plans to improve mobile support?

Thank you!




Hey @Alexandr_Fadeev :wave: We are fully aware of mobile experience inconveniences but mobile support is not currently a core-team focus.

We have some of the mobile issues tracked and are very open for contributions :slight_smile:

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