Blocking OpenAI crawlers 🤖

OpenAI recently created an opt-out option for websites that choose not to be crawled to train their LLM. It simply requires adding this string to our robot.txt preferences:

User-agent: ChatGPT-User
Disallow: /

I know it’s rather a reverse integration, but how can we achieve this if we are hosted on Ghost?

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You can upload a robots.txt with your theme upload. As long as you aren’t on Ghost Pro’s Starter Plan that’s an option.


Is it possible to just upload the robots.txt by itself? I’m a paying Ghost customer and am directly hosted on the platform. So, I’m not exactly sure how to go about it :blush:

I suggest emailing Ghost support directly. :)

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Seems reasonable ^_^

Did you ever reach out to support? I’m curious what the result was.

No, just the above discussion. I would hope they start having this option as a toggle in the settings… : /

Eep. I hope you didn’t think I was Ghost support. I’m not. I’m a freelancer. That’s why I recommended you contact them via their support email.

If Ghost support can’t help you get your robots.txt installed (and I’ve never hosted with them on the Starter plan, so I just don’t know), you might look at instead putting your robots.txt file on free hosting somewhere else (Netlify? Github?) and then uploading a redirects.yaml file to Ghost. Google’s documentation says that it will follow a redirect to get the robots.txt file: How Google Interprets the robots.txt Specification | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers