Blockquote rendering depending on used editor mode

Hey guys,

I recently upgraded to Ghost 2.x and I have to say, in general I like the idea of the new editor, but it also very much confuses me and I am not sure if this is “by design”, if it is a bug or if I am just not in the right mindset. I hope the forums can help me sort out some of that confusion. Here we go:

When I start a new post, and I have prepared a text in Markdown, I can copy and paste this text into the editor. If I do so, the editor automatically renders the Markdown and becomes some kind of a visual rich-text editor. But then I cannot add another card at the bottom. With the new card approach, I would have expected this richt-text editor is just another card of the type “rich-text”, but it seems to disable the new editor mode. Which is cool, just unexpected. So I post my prepared text into the editor, save it as a page and everything is rendered as I expect it to be rendered. After the initial confusion, everything seems peachy and my blockquote looks like I would have expected it to look:

<div class="article-post post page">
<blockquote>This is a test. I am a quote, y'all</blockquote>
<h3>I am just a header</h3>
<p>Disregard this text right now</p>    

In this example my CSS works fine, my quotation marks are inserted before and after the blockquote. All is peachy! Now I am playing around with the Markdown card. Again, I post the text into it, all looks good until I save and take a look at the result. Now the same text is rendered like this:

<div class="article-post post page">
<p>This is a test. I am a quote, y'all</p>
<h3 id="iamjustaheader">I am just a header</h3>
<p>Disregard this text right now</p>

This messes up my CSS that inserts quotation marks before and after the blockquote element and produces output like this:

Is this a bug? Is this expected behaviour? Can I only chose one editor more and do I have to stick with it? Having extra CSS code for both editor modes seems a bit redundant. Is there something I dont see?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I just realized that this is the case for images too, not only for blockquote. Also while upgrading from 1.x to 2.x Ghost automatically chose a Markdown card for every post instead of migrating the post into the new format. Not sure if that is intended or a potential issue.

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Imo, it seems to be an issue. As the markdown card was presented like a way to support old posts (already written in markdown), I think koenig cards and markdown cards should be rendered the same way.

I have more than 155 old posts. Currently to have a coherent rendering behavior in my blog, I only have two solutions:

  • updating all the 155 existing posts to transform them from markdown to the new rich-text version
  • using only the markdown card even for new posts

Yes, that is my predicament as well. You either have to stick with Markdown cards or convert everything into the new format for the Koenig cards. As a workaround I manually converted all posts to the new format that contained blockquotes. Unfortunately I am a footnote user, which is not supported by the new editor (yet). So I either convert the footnotes manually, as described in a forum post, or use Markdown cards that have this rendering issue.

I wonder if it makes sense to file an issue on Github for this. Would love to hear @Kevin thoughts about this and how best to proceed.

I guess I’ll file an issue on Github. Should I sent you the issue ID, @Mindsers?

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Yeah! Definitely. I think posting it here can help other persons knowing there is an open issue on this.

@Mindsers I have opened Github issue 10007.


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