Markdown link Syntax doesn't work in blockquote

I try to add a link using the markdown syntax inside a blockquote. Ghost seems to ignore the link, via the UI buttons, adding the link seems possible without problems.
Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible with the current Ghost editor?

Hi @jonock! Sorry you’re having trouble, what were the steps before you got to this point? Just tested it myself and it seems to be working fine

Exactly like you did it in your gif except i pasted the URL of the page. But when I type some URL it doesn’t work either. Tried it with Firefox and Chrome on the latest Ubuntu distro.

Are you running the latest version of Ghost? Or are you using Ghost (Pro)? This may be a bug that should be raised on GitHub

This is indeed a bug! It looks like our markdown text expansions do not register the first character immediately after a soft-break :thinking: (the soft-break is the problem here, that it happened inside a block quote is incidental)

For a workaround until this is fixed… after pressing Shift+Enter to create a soft-break, if you want to use markdown immediately you’ll need to type a space before starting the markdown. Eg:


Issue opened here

Pro tip: If you select some text then paste a URL it will auto-convert the text to a link!


Ok, thank you very much, also for opening the bug on GitHub. The workaround works fine.

Love this feature, but I’m so used to the markdown syntax that I forget about it too often :slight_smile: