How can I use smart quotes in the Ghost editor?

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I’m a recent convert to Ghost and am working to migrate my old static site blog to a Ghost installation. I was surprised to find that my usual browser extensions that convert “straight quotes” to “smart quotes” are defeated by the Ghost WYSIWYG editor.

I was particularly surprised to find this because the editor correctly handles endashes and emdashes, but not smart quotes – so it clearly has some awareness of typography. Smart quotes, then, are a puzzling omission.

Since moving to a WYSIWYG-style post editor is a significant part of the reason I’m migrating, I’d really like to find a way to continue using smart quotes in my blog posts and especially in my fiction writing. Since the browser extensions don’t work, I’m at a bit of a loss here. My only options seem to be:

  • Tediously copy-paste curly quote symbols every time I need them;
  • Write in another editor and then paste into Ghost, which is exactly the workflow I’m migrating to avoid;
  • Type a four-digit altcode every time I open or close a quote – something that only works if I’m using a machine with a numpad, anyway.

Is it possible to configure the Ghost editor to accept smart quotes, or even to configure my own typographical replacements? Or, if anyone has browser extension recommendations that will play nice with the Ghost editor, I’d be up for that too.

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There’s nothing specific for the editor, but if you’d like your theme/site to output particular quotes then this is quite easy to do with something like