Can Ghost be embedded into an existing shopping site?

Hi there, I’m sorry if I’m asking a question that’s already answered but I’m new to Ghost and would love to have it as part of my existing website. Is it possible to integrate a Ghost blog into an existing online store? I don’t want my customers to have to feel like they leave the site but when they click ‘blog’ on the header or footer menu they see one of the awesome themes embedded? If it’s possible can you link me to an example so I can see how it works. Thanks for your time.

Hi and first of all, welcome to the Ghost community!

Typically what you might do is have your main website like (and this would be the Ghost site) and then have your store be on a subdomain like, or vice versa with the Ghost site being at

What are you using for your existing shopping site? Shopify?

Hi thanks alot :slight_smile:
My website is being built on react js. I haven’t got a working example yet but I’d like to achieve similar to the below example:
site with shopping:
and blog site: Blog | Cuts Clothing
So perhaps based on the domain structure you’ve stated it might not be possible?