Boilerplate examples for frontend frameworks

Is there somewhere one could download actual working boilerpalte examples of next.js and/or the other frontend frameworks working with the Ghost API?

In the case of Gatsby, the fastest way to get started is with the official Gatsby Starter Ghost repository, which contains a light scaffolding of queries and templates to get a brand new site up and running.

Here’s the repo:
And the demo site:

Gatsby also has a complete tutorial on how to source from Ghost. Check it out.

Also checkout the Eleventy starter template -

For more detailed listing of all frameworks, checkout the documentation:

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:


Kinda like this, but these are the static generators, I’m specifically looking for something working for the dynamic frontends - next.js/nuxt.js.

A quick GitHub research and I found this:

Hope it helps. Good luck!

There’s also quite a few docs on how to work with Ghost on different frontends:

Next.js/Nuxt.js are also amongst them

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